Best time to hire a PA is when your diary is looking busy

In my previous post about Overwhelmed, give it to your PA, I shared some thoughts about the role of the personal assistant in the digital age and it isn’t just about diary management. Clearly the best time to hire a PA is when your diary is starting to look busy.

Think Like a CEO

It might not be popular in some quarters but talented personal assistants are taking on the role of middle manager in some organisations and certainly CEO’s can get far more done with an executive PA by their side, making sure that important decisions are carried through and providing feedback in a timely manner.  Even acting as a sounding board for new idea.

The challenge owners of growing businesses sometime have is that they don’t think like the CEO of a substantial business.  The best time to hire a PA is when your diary is looking busy.  When the growth of a business is such that the owner is being sucked into working in the business rather than on it.

I’m not the only one to think this ….

Being a personal assistant isn’t just about diary management …
Ask any successful leader how they achieve their goals while … their time, and
most will say they couldn’t do it without their personal assistant.

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