better work-life balance

What does a better work-life balance mean to you?

One of the key reasons business people engage with me and my services as an award-winning Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) is to arrive at a better work-life balance.

It sometimes manifests itself in being too busy to get everything done or being too stressed to enjoy time with your family and children.

Here are 5 great insights about work-life balance from Brendon Burchard and in my view he nails it. From the very first question, “why do you need a better life balance?”, through to developing the power to say no, when normally you find it difficult to do so.

In business, saying no, sometimes means, delegating an important task to someone who has better skills or the time to complete the task. I get a lot of those requests from my client.

However, I particularly resonated with Brendon’s video because it is very much the sort of conversation I have with potential clients who want more than just a typing service.

I highly recommend you watch this short video (13:24 mins) and discover what you need to fix to get back some work-life balance.

ps. if you don’t think you have 13 minutes 24 seconds to watch it perhaps that call with me is more urgent than you think.

original article: 5 Steps to More Balance in Life

rebecca crossRebecca Cross is an Award Winning Virtual PA with a background experience working with IBM and the Wall Street Journal, amongst others. She specialises in providing creative business and administration support for entrepreneurs and business owners who understand the value of working on their business, rather than in their business.

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