Why we should embrace failure

People look at failure in a number of different ways but I think failure is good. Awesome in fact. Fear of failure is holding us back. Incidentally, I’ve certainly pushed through my comfort zone to record this video.


At 28, I set up an online business and it flopped. Didn’t know what I was doing and my goodness, I’m glad that I failed in that business.

I learnt from my failures and went on to my second venture, which was an online magazine. I sold it. Not for a massive amount of money but for a profit. Failure served me well.

Marriage. First one, failed. Second one, learning from my mistakes, and doing ok. It’s not all about failure in business. You can fail at personal stuff too.

Failure is awesome, it’s part of personal growth. You need it in your life to move forward.

better work-life balance

What does a better work-life balance mean to you?

One of the key reasons business people engage with me and my services as an award-winning Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) is to arrive at a better work-life balance.

It sometimes manifests itself in being too busy to get everything done or being too stressed to enjoy time with your family and children.

Here are 5 great insights about work-life balance from Brendon Burchard and in my view he nails it. From the very first question, “why do you need a better life balance?”, through to developing the power to say no, when normally you find it difficult to do so.

In business, saying no, sometimes means, delegating an important task to someone who has better skills or the time to complete the task. I get a lot of those requests from my client.

However, I particularly resonated with Brendon’s video because it is very much the sort of conversation I have with potential clients who want more than just a typing service.

I highly recommend you watch this short video (13:24 mins) and discover what you need to fix to get back some work-life balance.

ps. if you don’t think you have 13 minutes 24 seconds to watch it perhaps that call with me is more urgent than you think.

original article: 5 Steps to More Balance in Life

rebecca crossRebecca Cross is an Award Winning Virtual PA with a background experience working with IBM and the Wall Street Journal, amongst others. She specialises in providing creative business and administration support for entrepreneurs and business owners who understand the value of working on their business, rather than in their business.

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Handling Stress in Business

stress in business

Handling stress in business has to be a number one priority if we are to continue to enjoy what we do and stay healthy.

One of the things I love about what I do is when I see the stress drain away from my clients’ persona when they realise they don’t have to do it all by themselves.

Let’s face it, running a business can be stressful, especially running a small business.  By small I mean a business with limited resources.  When we have limited resources getting things done means doing it yourself and it is no surprise we get stressed.  Stressed to a point where we cease to be effective, lose sight of why we got into business in the first place and we stop having fun.

I love Brendan Burchard’s angle on How to Deal with Stress – think you will too.

Whilst I’ve included links to some great tips for managing stress I would suggest we start by accepting the need to share the workload, focusing our own efforts to the parts of the business we really enjoy and where we can make the most difference.  Let someone else share the responsibility for keeping you from doing too much and ‘sweating the small stuff’.

How Entrepreneurs Can Reduce Stress | Inc.com
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How to Handle Stress in the Moment – Harvard Business …
You hear a lot of advice about how to reduce stress at work. But most of it is about what to do over the long term — take up yoga, eat a healthy diet, keep a journal, or get more sleep. But what do you do when you’re overcome …

Rebecca Cross runs a busy, successful virtual PA business helping stressed, busy, entrepreneurial men and women stay focused on the important stuff and so get more done.

If you want to achieve greater productivity and more me-time – then Grab a copy of her free ebook ‘More Time on the Beach’

Ways to Beat Business Stress

stress in business

Starting and Running a business is no ‘bed of roses’ but there are ways to beat business stress. The self employed find it particularly difficult to avoid business stress.

We set out, working on the business and end up working in the business. A recipe for long, frustrating hours at level of stress that are far from healthy.

I include consultants, freelancers and individual professionals in the self employed as their income is entirely dependent on their own efforts.  It is normally  they who have to produce the marketing, create the interest, make the sale, produce the work and conduct a myriad of other jobs called ‘running the business’.  There is never enough time to get everything done and this leads to business stress, anxiety, loss of effectiveness and eventually, a downturn in performance.

Do These Statements Describe Business Stress?

If any of these statements resonate, it may be time to step back and ‘think out of the box’.

  1. Yоu mіѕѕ fаmіlу (оr other events) bесаuѕе of work that must be соmрlеtеd.
  2. Yоur To Do list kеер gеttіng longer when it should be getting ѕhоrtеr.
  3. You’re often up against deadlines that stress you out.
  4. You need a holiday but the time is never right.
  5. Your business is growing but you are not ready to take on extra staff.

I do know this – no one ever built a sucessful business entirely on our own. The most successful people surround themselves with talented people, with the skills and time to get things done and who can contribute to the smooth running and growth of the business while the owner focuses on income producing activity. A Virtual Personal Assistant can help the owner maintain that focus, making it far easier to work on their business, rather than always in it.

A Virtual Personal Assistant Helps You Manage Business Stress

  • Follow Up Marketing Projects
  • Managing a range of CRM systems
  • Diary Management
  • Telephony
  • Time Management Coaching
  • Organising Training programmes
  • Event Organisation
  • Export – arranging Visa’s, organising Travel/Hotel and managing the UK office
  • Documenting Expenses / Basic Bookkeeping
  • Processing applications
  • Formatting CV/ Arranging Interviews for Senior Executive/Director level and above
  • Reference taking
  • Collating Quotations
  • Solving day to day crisis
  • Property Management
  • Report/Letter Writing
  • Client facing if needed.
  • Producing Professional Presentations
  • Writing & Producing Manuals for existing and new processes
  • Typing

Self employed professionals tend to come from one of two end of the spectrum.  Those starting out with more time than clients (income) and those with more work (clients) than time.

I tend to work with the latter but increasingly I am finding people with a more ‘forward thinking’ mindset who realise that if they work with a Virtual Personal Assistant from the outset, they will progress quicker, reduce business stress, as well as establishing a more business like mindset – one firmly established on working on the business, instead of in it.