Why we should embrace failure

People look at failure in a number of different ways but I think failure is good. Awesome in fact. Fear of failure is holding us back. Incidentally, I’ve certainly pushed through my comfort zone to record this video.


At 28, I set up an online business and it flopped. Didn’t know what I was doing and my goodness, I’m glad that I failed in that business.

I learnt from my failures and went on to my second venture, which was an online magazine. I sold it. Not for a massive amount of money but for a profit. Failure served me well.

Marriage. First one, failed. Second one, learning from my mistakes, and doing ok. It’s not all about failure in business. You can fail at personal stuff too.

Failure is awesome, it’s part of personal growth. You need it in your life to move forward.

Challenge of Staying Focused

Where you focus your attention will determine the outcome you are most likely to get.

When it comes to getting things done there is nothing more distracting than distraction. And the distraction that is stopping us from getting ‘the right things’ done is not the obvious telephone interruptions. The challenge of staying focused is a major factor that needs to be overcome if more is to be achieved and ‘burn out’ is to be avoided.

I’ve just watched a very powerful video by Brendon Burchard called How to Stay Focused. Brendon highlights the importance of staying focused in terms of self satisfaction and wellbeing and he offers up some practical ideas about what to put to one side and ignore.


Focus drives everything. It drives your thoughts and emotions. As Brendon says, if you focus on negative things, you are going to be negative. If you fail to focus on the things that are important, meaning, your priorities, then what happens to your relationships? What happens to the overall quality of your life.

The suggestions he makes a not as obvious as you may think and I will encourage you to watch the video until the end.

Experience has told me that the challenge of staying focused is not being met by business owners and the self employed, especially when they are trying to control and do everything themselves.  There are far too many distractions.

It is far easier when you have a good relationship with a reliable personal assistant who can take care of responses to emails, phone calls and other trivia.  Takes some discipline but the prize of getting much more done in a lot less time is certainly worth it.