Effective Business Presentations

If business is about communication producing effective business presentations must be a skill worth developing or one that needs to be handed over to someone who can help.

For the most part, a website, company literature and a good verbal sales presentation is sufficient but from time to time we have to prepare effective business presentations to explain and sell our services to buyers.

Increasing numbers of people are using the same or similar presentations to turn into video presentations to share on the internet, so having the ability to use programs like PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezzi, without sending an audience to sleep, is key.

A great deal may be hanging on your presentation, so taking time over producing good professional visual support is essential, especially as you can reuse the format on a number of future occasions.

I have found the following seven tips from my good friend Paul Clegg at Seven Touch Marketing Systems to be of particular value when preparing such a presentation:

  1. Create a distinctive template or buy a Professional Template like Wow Presentations: www.rebeccacross.me/business-presentation-templates
  2. Images grip a audience so choose them wisely, choose them for impact and make sure they are of high quality, royalty paid.
  3. Get rid of bullet points unless you are making a presentation on boredom
  4. White space provides clarity and impact. Don’t feel compelled to fill the entire screen.
  5. Limit the transitions between slides unless you want to distract your audience.
  6. Your slides should support the points you want to make not provide a script for you to follow.  You are the hero – not the slides.
  7. Invest in a good remote so you can control the transition of your slides.

Download a copy here: Bullets Kill Presentations

Here are more tips on the subject of Effective Business Presentations:

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So what if you have to produce an important presentation but your own creativity doesn’t stretch to produce a wow presentation.  Preparing Sales and Business Presentation, Proposals, Quotations and Reports are just some of the services Rebecca Cross offers to her clients.  Call her now on 01722 334217

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