Focus as a Strategy is a Choice

When it comes to strategy we make choices and focus as a strategy is a powerful choice.

Back in December 2011, Joan Magretta wrote an excellent review citing Jim Collins’ book, Great by Choice in the Harvard Business Review.

She was clearly inspired as she wrote, ‘He’s the coach or the Dad you always wanted. You can do it, he says. You really can. You can choose to be great.’

Your choice. Everything we are and have become are the results of the choices we have made. Tomorrow we can make different choices, if we decide to. Focus as a strategy is perhaps the most importance choice we will ever make.

Collins is a master at putting the human face on performance. Get the right people on the bus. Be disciplined. Be empirical. Be creative etc. Good strategy makes the direct link between the actions managers take and the financial results of those actions.  Porter is a master of strategy.

I love the point about ‘getting the right people on the bus’.  Surrounding yourself with talented people, people possesses skills and the time you don’t have is smart thinking.

get the right people on the bus

Assuming you can figure out who belongs on your bus, someone still must pick a destination. Is it really enough to choose to be great?

Don’t you also have to make great choices?

Yes, you do. Our destination is all about choices and we must not dismiss, out of hand, the importance of focus as a strategy

Read the Original Harvard Article by Joan Magretta

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