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Micheale Rihova Director for MRPR Production Ltd. 

I’ve known Rebecca for the past three years. We worked closely for the same clients and I found her to be extremely professional, friendly and exceptionally organised.

We refer business to each other with confidence and I know what to expect when I recommend her to one of my clients.

Throughout the years, I found out that Admin Support is extremely important in order to achieve better business results and Rebecca is exactly the right person for this role.

She is very hard working person who listens to the clients needs and then sets about doing everything in her capabilities to satisfy the requests.

I have no hesitation in recommending Rebecca’s services, and would recommend to anyone to make the most of her expertise and experience.

professional, friendly, exceptionally organised, good listener

Yvonne Roberts  Owner of www.ni-kadeluxe.co.uk

I met Rebecca Cross at a Business Show and we hit it off immediately.

I explained what I needed and we agreed on terms. Whatever work was assigned it was delivered promptly exactly as specified.

Rebecca also undertook research, found contacts and in our weekly telephone briefings helped me to focus and streamline my administration duties.

With a cheerful disposition and an amazing work ethic, you will never regret having Rebecca on your team.

prompt, exact, research, focus, cheerful, work ethic

Stephane Barbey  www.encouragingcoaching.co.uk

Co-founder and MD of Encourage Coaching Ltd

Rebecca is extremely organised and thorough in what she undertakes.

She achieved in 30 minutes what it would take me 4 hours to do.

Her communication skills are outstanding, letting you know exactly what is going at each step of the process, not being afraid to say if something is realistic, achievable or simply not doable.  I have used her services a number of times and will carry on doing so. I thoroughly recommend her.

extremely organised, effective, outstanding communication skills

Paul Haley Executive Director at BNI Dorset Ltd

Without a doubt, I couldn’t run my business without the help and support of Rebecca. She seems to know what I want before I do and whenever there is a job I want doing she has already done it! 
It is my belief that Rebecca is that rare breed; a Jedi PA!
November 10, 2015,  Paul works directly with Rebecca at SmartPA

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