How to Follow Up After a Networking Event

Follow up after a networking event is a real challenge for most people who attend them.

One of the great people I work with and help is Paul Haley, Executive Director for BNI in Dorset. He and I love working with some amazing people in a beautiful county. We get to meet some interesting business people and we both know how important it is to Follow up after a networking event.

Not always easy, I think you will admit.

A ‘thank you email or text’ is a pre-requisite, of course, but after that – well, it rarely happens.

The Social Networks are a great way to stay in touch and informed about what is important in people’s social and business life. I use Facebook for my social friends and Linkedin is perfect for business contacts I’ve made. A few minutes spent on either platform each day keeps me posted and able to respond with words of encouragement or advice.

After meeting somebody for the first time at a networking event you should always follow up with a thank you and a recommendation to connect on one or other of the social networks depending on the nature of your new ‘best mate’.

I’ve just discovered the use of the LinkedIn Relationship Tab. It’s an amazing aid to reminding you where you met someone and help you organising your notes and follow up, with timely reminders, if you wish to set them.

Jenn Herman article on How to Use the LinkedIn Relationship Tab to Improve Your Networking will help you as much as it has helped me.

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