Instapaper rocks

The app. for ‘time poor’ entrepreneurs is Instapaper. Yes, Instapaper rocks.

executives, entrepreneurs, mumpreneurs, small business owners along with anyone who wants to get more done will love it.

One such app. that I have just discovered is called Instapaper and my friend Paul Clegg at Se7en Business Network uses it to collate web content, articles, posts etc. for use in report, presentation and blogs at a later date.

Over the course of your day, you’ll encounter things you want to save for later. With Instapaper, you simply push a button in your browser, or choose “send to Instapaper” in a linked mobile app. Instapaper then saves it for you, and makes it available in a beautiful, uncluttered, reading-optimised format on your mobile device or your browser.

Paul says it helps him stay focused yet allows him to add relevant articles for research or to read later, maybe on his iPad when he has more time.


You can even get Instapaper to train you to speed read – how neat is that.



Finally, highlighted text can be shared as Tweets or Facebook comments from your mobile version of Instapaper to keep your social media sharing up to date and fast.

Grab your Instapaper account here and see how much more you can get done stress free.  Hey, it’s almost as good as hiring a great Virtual PA. … but I did say almost.

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