Marketing to Women

When it comes to marketing and women do we need to consider a different approach?

A great deal is made of equal pay and conditions for women in the job market but when it come to women in business, I am not so sure.  A business is either based on a marketable idea or it’s not and is either well run and profitable or not.  Gender plays no part in my view.

However, being in business is the great equaliser.  We need to understand our primary customer, especially if they happen to be a woman.  When it come to marketing to women the rules are different and so they should be.

4 Brilliant Truths About Marketing To Women – YFS Magazine

Editors Note: March is Women’s History Month, an annual celebration of the highlights and contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. When I was a kid, all of my friends’ parents were married and …

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I wrote about marketing to women and feminism in a recent post called “Avoid Gender Washing: Making Sense of Marketing to Women by Understanding the Three Waves of Feminism.” In that post, I argued that marketing …

Women like Facebook and humour
Personal photos and videos were mentioned by 55%, but brands pondering their marketing strategies will take note of the fact that most shared were “funny things”, cited by 57%. Around one quarter (24%) also shared product and service recommendations.

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