Chill Out and Outsource Fun Stuff to Your PA

Letting go is difficult as a number of my clients have told me.  It’s summer (my calendar tells me) and it’s time to relax.  Time to chill out and outsource fun stuff to your PA.

Building a business is like giving birth and some people want to be involved in everything instead of focusing on the parts that make a real difference.  Instead, we hold on to doing things we really shouldn’t be doing and in particular fun stuff.

I want to share a really good article about outsourcing with the thought for the day. Now is a great time to outsource fun stuff to your PA to create more ‘me time’ or time spend with your family. Simply put – a PA helps you enjoy fun stuff on your terms.

20 Fun Things to Outsource to a Remote Personal Assistant …
Order things you need on Amazon so they arrive at your doorstep like magic! …
When it comes to tasks your remote personal assistant can do, the list is almost …

Come to think of it – if you are really serious about having more ‘me time’ with increased productivity  download a free copy of my ebook MORE TIME ON THE BEACH

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