Staying Focused in 2016

Staying Focused in 2016

I work with many people who need to stay focused in order to achieve that which they set out to achieve. I would like to think that, as a virtual personal assistant (VPA), I help entrepreneurs meet this challenge.

And it’s a challenge for everybody who wants to be successful because, let’s face it, there are so many distractions that can dilute our effectiveness. Pull us off course.

In his post, “How to Stay Focused”, Brendon Burchard nails it, even suggesting that we actually make fewer decisions and that we stop browsing. Heaven forbid, this is probably how you found my post.

One of the biggest challenges, covered in Brendon’s excellent video, is to get action orientated entrepreneurs to say no more often than they say yes.

Anyway, you be the judge. Discover your focus for 2016 to make it the best year ever.

Read Brendon’s Original Blog here:

rebecca crossRebecca Cross is an Award Winning Virtual PA with a background experience working with IBM and the Wall Street Journal, amongst others. She specialises in providing creative business and administration support for entrepreneurs and business owners who understand the value of working on their business, rather than in their business.

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