What is a Mumpreneur?

What exactly is a mumpreneur? According to Collins Dictionary a mumpreneur is described as follows:

1. (informal) a woman who combines running a business enterprise with looking after her children.

And why not?  Well, according to Kathryn Hocking from on Motherpedia why not often comes down to “can I really do it?” and “what if I fail” or “what if they think I’m an idiot”.  

In her article 9 secrets to starting your own mumpreneur business,  Kathryn says “Despite the fact that they have taken on the hardest job in the world – carrying a child, giving birth and surviving through the newborn months and severe sleep deprivation – they experience massive lack of self-confidence.”  

mumprenuerAlthough the term mumpreneur was created in USA (where else?) it seems to be gathering traction and with it, plenty of support and resource.  From how to be a mumpreneur through to apps. for mumpreneurs. 

Choosing your career as a mumpreneur may follow your passion, your experience, a great idea or inspiration with a friend in a similar situation.  Naturally, the general rules of business must follow. You need to create visibility for your idea and someone has to want to exchange money for it but with marketing costs at an all time low, now is a great time to start.

Can you do it on your own?  Yes is the answer, but you can achieve more in less time and with less stress by surrounding yourself with people who have your interests at heart.

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