When is it time to get a personal assistant?

When is it time to get a personal assistant?

Many people wait too long, for the question they ask is ‘when can I afford to get a personal assistant’, which is not the question in the headline.

In business, thinking we can do it all ourselves, holds people and ultimately the business, back. It’s so easy to get suckered into working IN the business rather than ON the business. We lose site of the personal and unique difference we make to the business. Perhaps it’s our creativity, the way we inspire people or our sales ability. But all too often we end up managing the minute detail of the way ‘others’ are working in the business or find ourselves distracted – engaged in activities that are not income producing.

Not only does this rob our employees of their need to feel responsible and to grow, but we mis-direct our own time to the mundane and un-satisfactory work. The drive and energy we have when we are at our most productive is sapped from us and the business morphs into becoming a smaller version of what it could be.

So, when is it time to get a personal assistant? Gary Vaynerchuk is a very successful entrepreneur with no more time in his day than anyone else.  I Love his AskGaryVee Show on Youtube and in this particular video, he shares the turning point for him. It wasn’t an answer I was expecting. Cut to 14.04 on the timeline if you want to go straight there.

So whenever you hear someone or yourself saying, “I don’t have time for this”, or “When do you find time to do that?” or “I need to get round to doing so and so” … then perhaps then is the right time to decide to scale up the business and ask for help.

As for the financial issue. No one said you have to employ anyone, even part time. Far more sensible to outsource the role of personal assistant, to someone with the experience to make a difference at a budget you can afford. Then scale it as you become more productive.

As well as the time a PA releases, an experienced personal assistant comes with an experience of working with business owners and entrepreneurs who are already growing their business. Such insights are often worth many times the fee you pay.

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