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Almost three quarters of working mums dream of being their own boss.

During this run up to the General Election, statistics are thrown around like confetti but I found the statistic above of particular interest. Perhaps because it has nothing to do with the election.

The statistic came from a survey that involved 1,500 working mums and was conducted by One Poll. It found that 64% of women had taken steps to improve their work-life balance after starting a family, and over half chose part time work to give them more time at home.

Read the full article here: why three quarters of working mums want to start their own business.

I know what this takes to do it on my own and how much easier it is to surround myself with talented people to help me – all off payroll.

I have three children and help a number of business owners grow their business by helping them focus on the parts of their business that matters. What do I do? I take care of the important elements of running a business that don’t need to be done by the owner and keep them from wandering off script.

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Can a virtual assistant help working mums? Of course they can, if they have the necessary experience of which, being a working mum, I would suggest, is a pre-requisite.

In fairness, many working mums, running a business from home, are content with the size and progress of their business. However, in my experience, those individuals (men as well) who have come away from a corporate lifestyle in order to have more of a ‘work – life balance’ still have aspirations for greater things. Which is where a virtual assistant comes in. Especially one with an awareness of what it takes to transition from corporate to working from home.

The added stress of children at nursery, play school, etc. especially during periods of illness resulted in 73% of the women questioned saying that, given the opportunity, they would leave the financial security of their current job for a more entrepreneurial life.

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So, excuses out of the way. What are you waiting for?  Inspiration? Try these: Home Career Ideas

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